Friday, March 28, 2014

Donations for Tara Abbey and The Himalayan Children's Fund

I wanted to say a special Thank You to all of you who stepped up and really made a difference in our donations for the girls in Nepal. With all of your help, my wife Linda is headed off to Nepal on Saturday with $2575 dollars for the specific purpose of providing for several important projects at Tara Abbey. Your donations really do make a difference in the lives of these girls. On top of the money raised for these projects at Tara Abbey, we are also directly supporting the education of 12 girls from Tara Abbey through the Himalayan Children’s Fund. Additional we are continuing to support the education of two girls in Bhutan, we added these girls last year and we will continue this in 2014 as well. Your donations are greatly appreciated, it is with great pleasure that I get to lead all of you in our Yoga in the Park classes. We have been very blessed with all the good weather this year for our class, I hope I see all of you soon. Thanks for your support! Carl