Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Saturday, June 18th we will mark the 10th anniversary of Yoga in the Park!

Yoga in the Park, 10 years and running strong! Saturday, June 18th we will mark the 10th anniversary of Yoga in the Park! Join me on Saturday June 18 to mark the 10 year anniversary of Yoga in the Park. We started this class up at Moulton Meadows on the tennis courts, we moved to Heisler Park and then found our permeant home at the Montage Public Park (Treasure Island Park). There are many local residents that have been with me all the way, I have people from all over the world that always return when they are in town. It would be great to have a large crowd out on the 18th to mark this milestone. While my classes are always FREE your donations during our 10 years have provided $10,000 to our local Friendship Shelter, and we have provided over $96,000 to The Himalayan Children’s Fund and Tara Abbey for the education of young women in Nepal and the recent Earthquake Relief effort. We make a difference! No one will say my class is easy, it will stretch you, it will take all of your focus and stamina, but it will leave you feeling like you earned your breakfast and keep you fit for everything else that is important in your life. My thanks goes out to all of you that come out every day, you all keep me committed, it is because of you that I can keep showing up. Not sure how many years of this I have left in me, so come out now and enjoy our park, it is not just for the tourists and dog walkers. Thanks for being part of Yoga in the Park! Carl


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